Tackling performance challenges for large organization


Zakat Tax and Customs Authority, Ertyad


Work Culture Assessment, Service Development, Employee Engagement


Saudi Arabia
Tackling performance challenges for large organization

The Challenge

Ertyad is a leading training company established in 2007 and focuses on capacity and leadership development for organizations in Saudi Arabia. Recognizing an emerging need amongst its clients, Ertyad set out to expand its offerings beyond training to support organizations in tackling workplace challenges.

The Results




Underlying Challenges


Benefited Employees


Interventions & Solutions
We co-developed and delivered a new consulting track for Ertyad focusing on the diagnosis of organizational cultures and the challenges that hinder performance, employee retainment, values alignment and team cohesion. The first project was with the Zakat Tax and Customs Authority, spanned over 6 weeks and consisted of a ten-step approach to identify challenges and develop tailored solutions. By using a psychodynamic framework that examines human behaviour, habits and emotions, the project was able to investigate underlying issues and root causes in order to support the organization’s change management efforts and 2030 Saudi Vision Realization process.