An ambitious consulting studio empowering your ambitions.

Lay the foundation for your success using foresight research, business strategy and leadership coaching.

Become customer-centric by turning consumer pain points into opportunities to design remarkable services.

Build a work culture that motivates the team, optimizes productivity and cultivates innovative mindsets.

Grow your business into new territories, locate new winning opportunities and define the future of your industry.

Change the Equation


Helping brands change the equation to win the game.

It’s a new era where brands are cause-champions, services are experiences, consumers are co-creators, employees are partners, and collaboration is the new competition.

To succeed in the market today means playing by different rules. At Nuqtatain, we are here to help you do just that.


Our team consists of specialists, innovators and entrepreneurs with over 10 years of experience between North America, Europe and the GCC.

Nedal Alhaidari

Business Development & Innovation

Rasha Alsaleh

Service Design & Customer Experience

Ahmad Alafaliq

Work Culture & Employee Training

Vivek Menon

Brand Strategy & Market Research