Optimizing a clinic’s operations, services and customer experience




Business Development, Customer Experience, Work Culture


Optimizing a clinic’s operations, services and customer experience

The Challenge

As a clinic and pharmacy operating from the heart of downtown Toronto, MedsExpert was interested in improving its client service experience, HR processes & employee delegation as well as business development activities.

The Results


Business Strategy


Services Digitized


Task Management System


Customer Experience Redesign
We began by understanding the progress the business has made in the short time since it has launched, its current challenges and vision for the future. Moving forward, we worked closely with the business owner to create a strategic plan based on corporate objectives including KPIs and metrics to measure growth for the upcoming fiscal years. For human resources management, employees’s job descriptions, roles and responsibilities were defined to improve accountability, efficiency and reduce job redundancy. A new task management system was also implemented to optimize the workflow. Finally, the customer experience and service journey were redesigned to address customer pain points and convert them into opportunities to enhance the quality, satisfaction and value delivered to MedsExpert clients.