Reimagining youth’s potential and their social impact


Awalm Foundation


Business Development, Service Innovation, Projects & Initiatives


Saudi Arabia
Reimagining youth’s potential and their social impact

The Challenge

As one of the leading youth foundations in the country, Awalm has had a strong ten-year track record delivering entertainment and education projects. After such a success, the foundation was interested in making a shift in the impact and value it aims to deliver by expanding into youth capacity development.

The Results


Business Model Revamp


Project Development


Community Engagement Strategy


Youth Impacted
By conducting strategic mapping sessions, it led to the creation of a new manifesto and business model to reflect the foundation’s expansion of service offerings as well as vision of the future. For capability development, we designed a new learning model and community engagement strategy that tackles the developmental gaps for local youth and engage their needs as they grow with Awalm and its projects. The first project developed was an arts-based initiative that enables youth to build their artistic styles by learning to challenge personal and cultural norms that hinder their creative processes. The second project was an interactive online learning platform based on the principle of guiding curiosity to courage. The platform’s main tracks: Learn, Innovate, and Cultivate were designed to strategically support youth in building their skills, character, creativity and social impact.