Designing a new future for a renewable energy company


Sadeem Energy


Market Research, Business Strategy, Digital Transformation Plan


United Arab Emirates
Designing a new future for a renewable energy company

The Challenge

Sadeem Energy is a company based in Dubai that was interested in repositioning its brand, business offerings and transforming its future direction within the renewable energy as an emerging industry in the MENA region.

The Results


New Vision


Digital Transformation Plan


Strategic Initiatives


Business Model Recommendations
By starting off with a needs assessment, we were able to understand the company’s challenges, current strategy, portfolio and its future plans. Moving forward, we crafted Sadeem’s new vision, mission and tailored values. We then conducted market research to help the client cultivate better knowledge of the regional and international renewable energy industry and its emerging trends. The report also included new strategic initiatives and recommendations for the business model, customer segmentation, service packages, research and development, corporate social responsibility and key partnerships. Finally, a high-level digital transformation roadmap was developed to support the company’s plan to digitize its training and consulting services.