Scaling a business specialized in home care services




Business Development, Team Optimization, Executive Coaching


Scaling a business specialized in home care services

The Challenge

As a small cleaning company operating in Toronto, Hausly had big dreams to grow and dominate the city’s market. Together we deep-dived into what makes the company unique in the eyes of its clients and how to unlock its fullest potential.

The Results


Corporate Strategy & Business Model


Recruitment, Training & Customer Service Guidelines


New Customer Experience


Coaching Sessions
By conducting discovery sessions, we uncovered the current challenges, needs and long-term aspirations of the business. This led to the development of a new business strategy, service packages, pricing strategy, and the redesign of Hausly’s entire customer experience to improve the overall quality delivered to its clients. Internally, we built the foundation for a more optimized work culture by creating HR processes, employee recruitment and training procedures as well as customer service guidelines to be adopted consistently by the team. From an individual capacity level, the business owner was coached on leadership and team management, improving communication style, building confidence and negotiation skills.