Reshaping the power of an entrainment venue at a heritage site


AlUla, Live Nation Entertainment


Marketing and Communications, Corporate Profile


Saudi Arabia
Reshaping the power of an entrainment venue at a heritage site

The Challenge

Maraya is a cutting edge concert hall and entertainment venue located in the historical AlUla region of Saudi Arabia managed by Live Nation Entertainment. In an effort to improve its international exposure, especially in the music and concert industry, Live Nation aimed to revamp Maraya’s marketing and branding efforts.

The Results


Brand Repositioning


Artists Featured


Corporate Profile


Venue Features & Attractions
In collaboration with Evenchi, a media production company based in Bahrain, we developed and designed a new branding and corporate communication strategy as well as a company profile for Maraya. We began by creating a new brand positioning to articulate Maraya’s significance as a unique destination combining historical heritage of ancient civilizations, picturesque landscapes and cutting-edge venue with world-class entertainment. We also developed a new corporate profile detailing its venue’s features and main attractions, architectural design, concert portfolio of regional and International artists, historical landmarks and attractions, accommodation and resorts as well as travel packages.