Evaluating business feasibility for new talent agency


Diverse Talent Agency


Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Feasibility Study


Saudi Arabia
Evaluating business feasibility for new talent agency

The Challenge

As a new talent management agency based in Saudi Arabia, the company was interested in understanding the new emerging market, analyzing competitors sharing the brand space, studying the feasibility of the business and determining consumer demand within the Saudi market.

The Results


Market Research


Feasibility Study


Competitor Analysis company


Recommendations for the business model, services and target audience
By connecting between the business owners’ vision, the problem they're trying to solve and market research findings, we set out to design the value proposition for the business. The market scan included studying the local, regional and international talent management industry by conducting a competitor analysis of over 68 companies and entities; benchmarking the Saudi talent management landscape, legislation, and trends against international standards; then developing demographic profiles and personas of the target audience to better understand the demand; and finally conduct the financial feasibility study to determine cost-profit forecasts. We concluded the report with tailored recommendations for the business model, target audience and services based on market gaps as well as outlining competitive differentiation opportunities for the business.